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AXA Sydney Harbour Conours D’Elegance 2022

By Classica, News
AXA Sydney Harbour Conours D'Elegance 2022

The third time is a charm – having established a tradition with James we look forward to everything that is the Sydney Harbour Concours each year with great excitement.  Each year James and his team have delivered a great event – one filled with cars, colour, charm and champagne!  Pommery flowed from start to finish – Inge promised me that you can’t get a hangover from fine French Champagne – we certainly put the theory to the test.


How has James managed to run a world class event year in year out and continue to make it better.  In 2020, No GP / No Targa Florio – March came around and up we drove to Sydney for the SHC.  2021 the same again.  In 2022 March again and in a backdrop of flooding waters surrounding Sydney and a late change of venue due to the local council at Swifts deciding the events were off until parking can be sorted out, James moved the whole event into the centre of Sydney – the Hyde Park Barracks the perfect setting for 2 great days.

How has James managed to run a world class event year in year out and continue to make it better?

Andrew LawsonTarga Florio Aus
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Girls posing in front of Historic cars

For the first time and facing flooding roads and no hood Paul and Linda decided to put the Alfa on the trailer for the drive to Sydney.  With more than 120,000km under our care it was the first event in Australia that the car had been on a trailer for – whilst Nuvolari would have driven his Alfa in 1938, the Lawson’s are getting soft and opted for the comfort of a 4-wheel drive for the trip north.

It was the right decision as the trip ended in sheeting rain and flooded roads – walls of water crossing median strips deluged the Nissan Patrol as the car pulled to a stop in Waverton.

The rain would come and go for the next few days but happily Saturday afternoon saw the sun come through for an enjoyable afternoon at the Barracks.

Thanks as always to James Nicholls and the Distinguished Gentleman’s Club for a fantastic event – as we drove south from Sydney the sheeting rain did not dampen our enthusiasm, we were very happy to have enjoyed great times with family, friends and all that is the magic of the Sydney Harbour Concours D’Elegance!