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Introducing Targa Classica

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From 0 to 100!  |  From TARGA FLORIO to TARGA CLASSICA

Introducing Targa Classica

For the last 6 months the Targa Team have been developing the next chapter of the event and we are delighted to finally share the news with everyone.

Like you, we are driven by an inner passion for classic motor cars.

And when combined with incredible landscapes, Victoria’s best driving roads, sumptuous food and wine along the way and the company of like-minded individuals, the event is a classic in every sense.

Broadening the event’s Italian Heritage to add the influences of the Championship 5 Italian “Grandi Eventi” events, we wanted to ensure the event delivers as the truly unique blend it offers every participant – a wonderful Australian experience, with Classic Italian flare at every twist, turn and pit stop. Targa Classica. Our dream is to see the event continue to evolve into an event that delivers to everyone involved the joy and passion of the Grandi Eventi.

So join us as we grow our own tradition – and make Targa Classica   become the legend as our Italian counterparts have for over 100 years.

The Targa Florio Australia event has been transformed into the event we hoped it would be. With a capacity field we feel it’s time for the event to create a new chapter and take its place as an import part of the motorsport calendar.


Now heading to its 5th event in Australia
the event has become:

Targa Florio Australia | New milestone in 2023

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Targa Florio Australia is officially

SOLD OUT for 2023

The field reaches the 100 mark, meaning the capacity of the event has been reached for the first time in its history!

In another new milestone for Targa Florio Australia, we have officially registered 100 cars to compete in this great event for motoring enthusiasts. Hitting the 100 mark means we have reached capacity with our overall aim for our events to provide the best quality, premium motoring experience possible. After a fantastic 2022 event covering many regions of Victoria and culminating in our own taste of the F1 experience at the Australian grand Prix, we have reached capacity.

Andrew Lawson, Event Organiser and Classic Car Passionista is thrilled by the public response;

“The event is now in its 5th year. Every year it has grown. Every year we have provided and refined our offering based off the feedback of our competitors. We all have a Passion for Motoring and we love to enjoy our cars with a group of like minded people, in fantastic surrounds, with great food, with great laughter and now all great friends!”

The new milestone means that the 2023 waitlist is now open. The waitlist is important in case there are any withdrawals for the 2023 event. If you have registered, you will then be invited to participate. Below is the Registration Link for the Waitlist, don’t delay and make sure you’re part of Motoring History!

Targa Florio Classica 2022 belongs to the Sicilians

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Targa Florio Classica 2022 belongs to the Sicilians

The Targa Florio Classica 2022 in Sicilia was a triumph for locals with two Sicilian crews coming home in the top 5 in Fiat 508 C cars.

Mario Passanante and Dario Moretti won in their 1937 Fiat 508 C.  the event proving very exciting tussle with the decided in the last meters of the race which resulted in Angelo Accardo and Filippo Becchina, securing second place at the finish line. Francesco and Giuseppe Di Pietra, third ahead of Gianmario Fontanella and Annamaria Covelli in a 1939 Lancia Aprilia and fifth a Sicilian team from Trapani, Campobello di Mazara Enzo Ciravolo and Francesco Messina.

Also driven to the last meter the three way duel won for the series championship  was won by Francesco and Giuseppe Di Pietra who finished ahead of Fontanella – Covelli in the race standings, and thus are the new Italian Champions of the Great Event series and winners of the ACI Storico Series, which combines the scores of the Targa Florio, the Coppa D’Oro della Dolomiti and the “Mugello Road Circuit”. The father and son, secured the title for Campobello di Mazara for the second time after triumphing in 2018.

-“A very difficult victory in the most critical event – said Passanante – Three mechanical failures that delayed us and we recovered – amazing. We are very grateful to the mechanic Fabrizio Falanga who enabled us to win. A strong joy”.

-“The first stage was very difficult for us, as Giuseppe had competed with another person, – explained Francesco Di Pietra – a race that earned a title, demanding with certainly strong opponents, decided at the last meter. We competed with a lot of luck and we won our second Italian Major Events Championship”.

-“The Targa Florio is confirmed as very competitive, nothing is taken for granted until the end, especially if the opponents are those with whom we measure ourselves in these days– said Accardo – The Campobello school is very competitive. Regularity is an exciting discipline and thanks to the communication work carried out by the Federation, it is increasingly in the foreground”.

Success in the Ferrari Tribute to Targa Florio 2022 goes to the Tuscan’s Fabio Vergamini and Anna Maria Fabrizi in a 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB. Second position to Mauro Ferrari and Maria Paola Saetti in a Ferrari Monza SP 2, ahead of the Roman team of Celestino and Oreste Sangiovanni.

Three days in which Sicily expressed all the affection towards its race born in 1906, which brought the crews and classic cars to discover many places on the island, many of which are inextricably linked to car competitions.


Targa Florio Australia | Dates Locked In 2023

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Ferrari 1971

The announcement of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2023 has enabled us to set the dates for Targa Florio Australia 2023.

La Dolce Vita continues with fabulous new locations, more cars, more competitors and lots of fun over four days of this increasingly popular event for motoring enthusiasts.


New locations and Confirmed Dates

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix has been locked in for 2023 from March 30th to April 2nd.  In a win for motoring enthusiasts Targa Florio Australia will again provide the link from Victoria’s regions to the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. The Targa Florio Australia field of Classic and Supercars will once again finish at the Albert Park circuit after 4 days of fabulous driving around picturesque Victoria. Competitors once again have the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the biggest motor sport event in Australia.

Targa Florio Australia will commence on Monday 27th starting in Healesville. The event will then travel north to My Hotham linking the north of the state before returning to finish at the Australian Grand Prix on Thursday 30th March 2023.

The Route 2023

Monday: RACV Healesville to RACV Healesville

The Yara Valley Loop.  Starting at the majestic RACV in Healesville, Day 1 winds its way to the Yarra Ranges National Park, via Yarra Junction, Warburton and Reefton before looping north to Marysville and back to the RACV  Healesville.

Tuesday: Healesville to Mt Hotham

Tuesday is a day for drivers! Victoria’s Alpine region is a delight year-round.  Leaving behind the Yarra Valley we drive north to Tagarty, Eldon Weir and Yark before arriving in Bonnie Doon for Lunch.  The afternoon sees the cars continue on to the alpine roads via Whitfield, Myrtleford, Bright and the fantastic 100 sweeping corners up to Mt Hotham.

Plans are being made for a spectacular Mt Hotham stay you as you enjoy the sun setting across the Victoria Alps.

Wednesday: Mt Hotham to Nagambie

Leave your curtains open and enjoy the sun rising over the mountains then strap yourself in for an exciting drive curving down and around the mountain ranges, valleys, and amazing roads from Mt Hotham to Mount Bogong lookout then looping round to Yackandandah, Beechworth, Winton and end the stunning day at the equally stunning Mitchelton winery.

Thursday: Nagambie to Albert Park

From Michelton Winery to Eastern Lions, Seymour, Romsey you should have a smile fixed on your face – you will have enjoyed 4 of the best days driving across 6 of Victoria’s regions and you are heading to the finale at the AGP.  The champagne will be on ice.

Targa Florio Australia seeks to bring together great driving roads, great comradery and people that enjoy using their cars as the maker intended! The event is planned meticulously to include:

  • the best driving roads Victoria has to offer each day
  • a perfect balance of fun and competition, community and spectators to awe at your classic car and ensure each of us gets to feel like a rockstar!
  • Add great food and accommodation and you have a week not to be missed.
Aus Grand Prix - Targa Florio Aus

Targa Florio Australia | Review 2022

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Aus Grand Prix - Targa Florio Aus

The Targa Florio Australian Tribute has been run and done for 2022. It was the best event so far in the history of this event in Australia. Here is a summary of the 70+ drivers who got a taste of La Dolce Vita in the the Targa Florio Australia 2022 edition.


Mon 4 April – Day 1:

Event start at lunch at the beautiful Point Leo Estate. Competitors will arrive and complete documentation with plenty of time to enjoy the sculpture park and lunch before the official start to the 2022 event. Day 1 will be a half day driving the sweeping curves to Arthurs Seat and winding the roads down into Flinders where the main street will be closed for the community to come out and enjoy watching us compete down Cook St. We look forward to a lively Monday afternoon fun followed by dinner and accommodation at the renowned Flinders Hotel.

Tue 5 April – Day 2:

Competitors enjoyed the roads of the Mornington Peninsula with a stop at the Tyabb airport, historic planes flanked the competition as the crowd was out to enjoy the cars competing before a fun filled drive around Westernport Bay into west Gippsland. A stop for lunch at the Korumburra Showgrounds with the School children cheering each of the cars through the competition and then off to Inverloch for a competition stage at the Marina, a recap of the day at the Inlet Hotel and a special night at award winning RACV Inverloch.

Wed 6 April – Day 3:

Leaving Inverloch the competition then drove to Stony Creek track, it was a joy seeing cars of every shape, size and length navigate the tight corners of the Go cart Track! The competition loved the Italian community and screaming school children (rev it! rev it!) in Mirboo North with special hand made gifts from the children treasured by all and a spirited drive up and around the Haunted Hills track. Then taking in some of Victoria’s great driving roads up into the mountains, Blue Rock dam, through Noojee and back down to the RACV Healesville where 4 Pillars Gin set the tone for a great night.

Thurs 7 April – Day 4:

From Healesville, the cars roared through Yarra Glen up to a lovely community event in Seymour, more treasured gifts from the community there, then from Romsey to Albert Park for an unforgettable Finale driving the grand prix track and awards night at the Torque bar at the GP.

Thurs 7 April – 10 April: Australian Grand Prix

The event enjoyed 8 of Victoria’s Tourism regions and was planned to combine community involvement and provide a link between Victoria’s regions and the Australian Grand Prix. A full week of motoring starting at Point Leo Estate and finishing at the Grand Prix on Thursday. The fun continued each day with the Targa Florio cars driving the track each day, enjoying the best seat on the track! There were no words as competitors hopped out of their cars after each track time… just smiles and pure joy!!

AXA Sydney Harbour Conours D’Elegance 2022

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AXA Sydney Harbour Conours D'Elegance 2022

The third time is a charm – having established a tradition with James we look forward to everything that is the Sydney Harbour Concours each year with great excitement.  Each year James and his team have delivered a great event – one filled with cars, colour, charm and champagne!  Pommery flowed from start to finish – Inge promised me that you can’t get a hangover from fine French Champagne – we certainly put the theory to the test.


How has James managed to run a world class event year in year out and continue to make it better.  In 2020, No GP / No Targa Florio – March came around and up we drove to Sydney for the SHC.  2021 the same again.  In 2022 March again and in a backdrop of flooding waters surrounding Sydney and a late change of venue due to the local council at Swifts deciding the events were off until parking can be sorted out, James moved the whole event into the centre of Sydney – the Hyde Park Barracks the perfect setting for 2 great days.

How has James managed to run a world class event year in year out and continue to make it better?

Andrew LawsonTarga Florio Aus
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Girls posing in front of Historic cars

For the first time and facing flooding roads and no hood Paul and Linda decided to put the Alfa on the trailer for the drive to Sydney.  With more than 120,000km under our care it was the first event in Australia that the car had been on a trailer for – whilst Nuvolari would have driven his Alfa in 1938, the Lawson’s are getting soft and opted for the comfort of a 4-wheel drive for the trip north.

It was the right decision as the trip ended in sheeting rain and flooded roads – walls of water crossing median strips deluged the Nissan Patrol as the car pulled to a stop in Waverton.

The rain would come and go for the next few days but happily Saturday afternoon saw the sun come through for an enjoyable afternoon at the Barracks.

Thanks as always to James Nicholls and the Distinguished Gentleman’s Club for a fantastic event – as we drove south from Sydney the sheeting rain did not dampen our enthusiasm, we were very happy to have enjoyed great times with family, friends and all that is the magic of the Sydney Harbour Concours D’Elegance!

Duck and Whale Article

By Drivers, News, Victoria

The “Duck and Whale” June 2020 edition included a great interview with Rene Aalhuizen, who competed in the 2019 event with his fantastic 1955 speedster.

As owner of Prestige Auto Traders Rene has some amazing cars – the Speedster remains a favourite for Rene and everyone as it purred through Victoria’s winding backroads.  Thanks, Rene, for a great description of the Australian Targa Florio event.


Like every other driver I accept that things break down, if that happens then im happy to just peel off onto the shoulder be a spectator for a while,  That same scenario, but this time with a front end problem on the Targa Florio roads in Italy somewhere, the end result could likely be much different.  Ill be gone or full of regret if there was something mechanical that I could have done to prevent it.

I have to say the Targa Florio Australian Tribute was absolutely fantastic, the husband and wife who run it are the loveliest people.  I’ve never met a bunch of like minded people who were there just for the love of cars, who l;iked to have a beer at the end of the day, who enjoyed taking the piss out of each other’… laugh their heads off, and then start the whole process again in the morning. It really didn’t matter what you drove or where you were in the results, you just knew that you were part of something.

As society standards change, it sometimes seems like there isn’t an experience in Australia which does not end up stifled, with its energy removed.  But, here there were father and son teams, mixed in with people who took it more seriously and everyone was really enjoying themselves.  One bloke in an old mash hat was looking at my ‘derelict’ and telling me I’d be lucky to make it.  By the last day he and I both had smiles on our faces and everybody was sitting around in groups, with people they didn’t know a few days before, and everyone knows who everyone else is.  It was perfect!

We would do point to point stages, hill climbs etc and we would go to wineries during the day for lunch.

The organisers had everything setup.  Then it would be pouring with rain and we would be driving through forests or set up speed trials.  One thing with these events is that you can’t fake the culture in the event, and this culture was fantastic!

When I crossed the line in Carlton, I actually ran out of fuel as I drove in.  There were 20000 people there and, rather than it being embarrassment, I had people pushing the car in to make sure I made it and everyone was cheering.  It was a very memorable, even emotional, moment.

The Targa Florio guy from Sicily came over and won.  Seems that he has done twenty of them and he also does the modern version of the Mille Miglia, mirroring as close as possible the original run 24 times between 1927 and 1957.

There we were giving him a bit of stick, having some fun with him and so he says “So I will see you in Sicily in 2020, no?” and I reply “Sure no problem!” So just like that, now I’m entered into the famous Italian event.  How could one refuse?