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Competition Stages Explained

Competition Stages Explained

Time Trials (PC’s) [PC = Prove Cronometrate]

The key is to accurately drive these short sections, between 40 and 400 meters long, in exactly the correct set time. There are usually 2-4 of these in a row each time and they are positioned off the main roads. You are timed by driving over timing tubes to start and then end each stage. There are more than 70 of these on the event over the 4 days and they are timed to within 1/100 of a second. You are penalised 1 point for each 1/100th of a second you are off the exact set time. This is where the competition is won and lost.


Average Speed Tests (PM’s) [PM = Prove di Media]

The key with PM’s is to maintain the set average speed over the distance set, usually 5-10km. There are 1 -2 of these tests each day. You will start the test on instructions of a Marshall and your speed checked at secret locations anywhere during the prescribed distances . These are timed to 1/10 of a second. Penalties for being slower or quicker are incurred.

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