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Introducing Targa Classica

From 0 to 100!  |  From TARGA FLORIO to TARGA CLASSICA

Introducing Targa Classica

For the last 6 months the Targa Team have been developing the next chapter of the event and we are delighted to finally share the news with everyone.

Like you, we are driven by an inner passion for classic motor cars.

And when combined with incredible landscapes, Victoria’s best driving roads, sumptuous food and wine along the way and the company of like-minded individuals, the event is a classic in every sense.

Broadening the event’s Italian Heritage to add the influences of the Championship 5 Italian “Grandi Eventi” events, we wanted to ensure the event delivers as the truly unique blend it offers every participant – a wonderful Australian experience, with Classic Italian flare at every twist, turn and pit stop. Targa Classica. Our dream is to see the event continue to evolve into an event that delivers to everyone involved the joy and passion of the Grandi Eventi.

So join us as we grow our own tradition – and make Targa Classica   become the legend as our Italian counterparts have for over 100 years.

The Targa Florio Australia event has been transformed into the event we hoped it would be. With a capacity field we feel it’s time for the event to create a new chapter and take its place as an import part of the motorsport calendar.


Now heading to its 5th event in Australia
the event has become: