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The Event for Spectators and Community

By 23/06/2022November 11th, 2022No Comments

Targa Classica is an event the competitors love, but it’s much more than just about cars. It is about bringing people together, out of their houses, into the street, down to the local park, on the street corner to connect with the competitors and feel part of it. This Historic event, whose roots are in Italy, connects with all ages and involves fine food, wine and festivities, as well as appreciation of the incredible cars.’  There are many opportunities over the 4 days to enjoy watching the field of magnificent cars. You can watch them roar by as they drive the windy roads of Victoria, cheer them whilst they are challenged to drive the competition stages or enjoy them close up and personal as they are assembled each day at lunch and in the evenings.

Keep an eye on the Route Page and we will keep updating the best places to view the cars along the route. We will also add the programmed time that cars will be in each spot to help you find the best location to watch the field go by.

Please contact us if you have any questions